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About us

The Young Essex Assembly (YEA) is the elected youth council for Essex and is supported by Essex Youth Service. There are 75 YEA members, representing all districts across Essex, who decide on the priorities for young people and campaign to make a positive difference.

Elections will be held in the autumn term of 2016 and you can find out how to apply to stand for election.  The deadline for applications is 17th October 2016.

How we work

As a member of the YEA you will be heard by Essex County Council and other groups working with or for young people. These people make important decisions and you can influence them.

The Members of the Young Essex Assembly meet six times a year. We call these Sittings.

Each Member is also asked to take part in another group, which is still part of the YEA but has a different function. We call these sub-groups. 

All Sittings will be held within the county and will take place on a Saturday or a day during the school holidays.

The YEA has different sub-groups. These will all feed back to the main Assembly and all information gained is crucial. To find out what young people's issues are we ask people to take part in a survey while they are voting for the YEA.

Twelve members of the YEA are also the Essex Representatives on the UK Youth Parliament.