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Community engagement


The Young Essex Assembly is working with the office of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner to look at how these vital services can engage more effectively with young people who live within Essex.

The YEA decided that a conference aimed at schools was a perfect way to make sure a range of young people could engage with the Police and Fire services.  To be able to make the day a success we wanted to learn more about the Police and its officers.  A group of us were given the opportunity to see first hand some of the different roles and responsibilities of the Essex Police force.

A video was made of the day, as we visited various police establishments; the Police Dog Unit in Sandon, the Southend custody suite and Boreham Police Operation Centre.  At the dog unit we saw how the dogs are trained to bring down a suspect and search for drugs.

At the custody suite we had the chance to sample prison food, be locked in a cell and see how the prisoners are kept safe.  

At the Boreham Police Centre we were able to interview Superintendent Saunders and we saw the firearms section.

The day helped us to recognise that the police do far more work than we realise and they go above and beyond to protect the residents of Essex. We hope to continue to work with the police and fire services.