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Youth Development Day


In November last year the Young Essex Assembly planned and hosted a Youth Voice Development Day at Chelmsford City Racecourse.

This conference showed young people important life skills in an interactive way and got young people interested in democracy. These activities included 'Money in your hands': this where you had to decide, if you were the government, how much you would spend on each of the given topics. This improved financial skills.

Another activity was writing a letter to your headteacher persuading them not to ban phones. This improved persuasive writing skills.

As a result of the day we have had a few candidates that expressed interest in joining the Young Essex Assembly.

We had a Question and Answer panel that consisted of Tyler May (Young Essex Assembly), Tracy Spear (Youth Service Commissioner) and Councillor Tony Ball, Hannah Kopel (senior mental health commissioner) and Matt Barnett.

180 young people attended the conference which demonstrated important life skills and enabled young people to get interested in young democracy.