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Hi, I am Imogen. I am involved in international charity work, raising money for refugees as I believe it is really important for us to give something back to those in local and global communities who are not as fortunate as ourselves.  Within the YEA I am a member of the UK Youth Parliament and Police conference planning team.  I think I am a competent leader, tweeter and rapper.



Hi, I am Caitlin.  I am involved in the Police conference planning group, UK Youth Parliament, Chelmsford Youth Council and the music festival planning group, which shows my interest and dedication to improving lives for young people. I think I am funny, friendly and confident.



My name is Narmiha. I've completed my Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Awards; I am part of the Combined Cadet Force and I tutor students in chemistry and physics.  I have been part of the YEA since December 2016 and I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience, especially hosting the Youth Voice Development Day last year.



Hi, my name's Matt. I've been a member of the Young Essex Assembly since 2015 for Mid Essex. I am an active youth councillor, philanthropist and public speaker, who is passionate about benefiting the lives of young people. In addition to my YEA duties, I sit on the Youth Strategy Group for Chelmsford as Vice Chairman, as well as working with the Mid Essex Young Commissioners, commissioning projects in Chelmsford to provide relevant and helpful experiences for young people.